Open Source Scripts by Marjolein Katsma
I am sharing these scripts so they may be of use to more people than just me...
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What is this?

I started developing a set of scripts to help with maintenance of my work (photos) on RedBubble, to do things like make an inventory, and maintain tags.

Next came spam reporting on Identica, which can be a tedious job to do manually.

I'll be sharing these scripts here (and others as and when I write them)!

Utility scripts for RedBubble

RB Inventory

A set of scripts with which a RedBubble member can create a complete inventory of all their public work on RedBubble, with title, description, all tags, and other useful meta data.
[more about RB Inventory…]

Spam reporting script for Identica

ICA Spam Report

A set of scripts with which an member can report an account for spamming and (depending on context) block it from a group or 'silence' the account.
[more about ICA Spam Report…]

More later...